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Top-level sports and education

RKK supports a few chosen athletes so that they can reach their goals within education and sports

Idrettsjenter februar 2011

RKK supports three young athletes in Namibia

RKK is presently supporting three young athletes in Namibia.

"Our" three girls in Namibia are Julia Handyene, Klaudia Moses and Ndapandula Nghinaunye . They all achieve good results both on the sports ground and school. The three are among Namibia's most promising middle distance runners and are able to concentrate maximum on both training and education through RKK's sponsorship program.

Idrettsjentene februar 2011

We will follow them up and motivate them to achieve their best. Their supervisor is Agnes Samaria, who was formerly one of the world's best 800 meter runners; so the girls are in good hands.

Idrettsjenter 02 februar 2011


Photo above: Klaudia Moses

Julia Handjene - Toppidrett - Namibia september 2009

Photo over and under: Julia Handjene

Toppidrett Julia - kollasj

Julia Handjene from Namibia is a highly talented runner. She trains by running to school early in the morning and by fetching water from a place 10 km away from where she lives. She builds up her strength by helping with the domestic chores and working in the local millet fields. Julia surprised everyone when she ran barefoot to qualify for the World Youth Championship in Italy in spring 2009. RKK is supporting Julia through a 4-year education scholarship.

Read more about the athletes in Namibia here and about Julia Handjene here.

Lidiya Anufriyeva & Bibinur Utesinova

In connection with the opening of RKKs own branch office "RKK Kazakhstan" in Ust Kamenogorsk, it was simultaneously announced that RKK will support the two young athletes from East Kazakhstan region.

The management of RKK Kazakhstan has, together with the Department of Sport and Tourism in Ust Kamenogorsk in the Akimat, found the two candidates who are both very promising athletes in their sport. Both athletes work hard on their sports career, but will also make sure to complete their education. Both are good examples of Kazakh youth who strives to achieve their goals, and will thus be an example for other young people. RKK is proud to have been given the opportunity to assist Lidiya Anufriyeva who is a weightlifter and Bibinur Utesinova who is a Judo Athlete in reaching their goals in sports and education.

2010-12-01-Lidia og Bibinur

Read more about Lidiya Anufriyeva & Bibinur Utesinova here.

Moldir Sagieva (Kazakhstan)

Moldir collage

Until the end of 2010 RKK supported Moldir Sagieva. She was a student at the Ust-Kamenogorsk "College named after Kumash Nurgaliev". She was a promising wrestler who managed to combine education and sport in an exemplary manner. Moldir was a fine representative of present-day youth in Kazakhstan, working hard to realise her goals with limited resources.

RKK met Moldir on the 16th of October 2009. Moldir had in 2010 her last and final year at the College named after K. Nurgaliev in Ust-Kamenogorsk. Her teachers could confirm that Moldir had obtained excellent marks all the through the college. She was one of the best students at the college. She took her final exam summer 2010. Moldir had great achievements both locally, nationally and in the Central Asian region.

Read more about Moldir Sagieva here.


Slettum collage

For some years now, RKK has supported the sprint team of the Skjalg athletics club. Skjalg has had the biggest group in Norway of promising younger sprinters, and RKK has contributed to the work of this group over a number of years through equipment and special support to coach Gro Nesheim.

In 2008 our special support went to Elisabeth Slettum, who is Norway's best female 200-meter runner.

Gro Nesheim fra Skjalg

Photo: Gro Nesheim from Skjalg

Tine Hiorth Schøyen

Tine collage

RKK supported Tine's training towards qualifying in sculling for the Olympics in Beijing 2008.


Top-level sports and education

RKK knows how demanding it is to combine education with top-level sports. We have decided to support a few selected sportsmen/-women so as to give them a chance to reach their goals in both their education and their chosen sports field.