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Namibia's new Minister of Fisheries visited RKK Namibia this week

Quinta-Feira, 6 de Maio de 2010

Our Walvis Bay office had a visit this week from Namibia's newly-appointed Honorary Minister of Fisheries and Marine Resourses, Bernard M.Esau. Our administration colleague Helena-Ella Ngifindaka gave the visitors a briefing on our activities in the RKK Namibia Office.

2010-05-06 Namibia minister of fishery visits RKK Namibia

Photo from left: Cornelius Bundje (Deputy Director NAMFI), Olivia Shooya (assistant to the permanent secretary of Fisheries), Hon.Minister Bernard M.Esau, Polli Andima (Director NAMFI), Helena-Ella Ngifindaka (RKK Namibia), Clive Kambongarera (NAMFI)