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Tertiary vocational education - technical

RKK’s “fagskole” now has its own technical college course in Scaffolding, in addition to flexible course programmes in a number of subject areas.

RKK has for many years run technical college courses as netbased programmes and evening classes through the former Stavanger Technical College, now Stavanger Offshore Technical College" (SOTS).

These courses are aimed at skilled workers interested in acquiring a deeper theoretical understanding of their subject and, if they so wish, a foundation for going on to study engineering.

RKK now offers its own, formally recognised, technical college programme in Scaffolding, and a number of flexible courses through SOTS.

The Scaffolding course is currently available country-wide through Bergeland Upper Secondary School (Stavanger), which has the country’s most modern teaching scheme in Scaffolding. With a technical college course in addition, this will further round out the course scheme.

Corrosion and Surface Treatment will probably be the next subjects offered by RKK Fagskole.