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RKK, represented by Øystein Førsvoll and Ole Imsland, visited Semey (Semipalatinsk) in October 2009, where collaboration between industry and educational institutions was well under way. A number of cooperative agreements had already been entered into, as a result of personnel from both sectors having been introduced to the “Norwegian” model through seminars and study tours.

Visit to Semey – October 2009

As part of our joint project in regional development, collaboration between the education sector, industry and authorities, Øystein Førsvoll and Ole Imsland visited the region of East Kazakhstan and the city of Semey 18 – 20 October 2009.

In connection with our joint project, we have arranged various meetings, seminars and study tours where the main topic was collaboration between education, industry and the public authorities with a view to establishing an apprenticeship scheme, practice places for vocational school students and adult education/continuing education. A number of school directors and business leaders from Semey have attended these arrangements and, even though this was our first visit to the city, our ideas and suggestions had already given concrete results.

Dominant among these was the substantial effort put into the project by the Semey College of Transport, RK, under the leadership of Director A.V. Lui and by the College of Communications under Director Oralkhan Sartaev. From the commercial side, Director B.U. Abdullaev from the enterprise LL Kazakhtrasstroy has headed the work of encouraging industry to engage in active cooperation with the various educational institutions.

Signering Semeny oktober 2009

On Sunday 18 October 2009 Director A.V. Lui from the Semey College of Transport and Director B.U. Abdullaev from LL Kazakhtrasstroy signed an "Agreement on Cooperation in the field of Business and Creative Cooperation - between LL Kazakhtrasstroy and Semey College of Transport, RK".

This comprehensive agreement includes the development of training content and practical work experience for students in the company. The parties will also cooperate on the development of subject content in teaching curricula, investment in equipment, continuing education of company personnel at the college and much more. The signing of this agreement was reported in the newspaper Rudny Altay on 21 October 2009. See the facsimile below:

Avisomtale i Semey oktober 2009 - Rudny Altay

Cooperation on apprentices, practice places, subject content and continuing education

On Monday 19 October a further agreement was signed by Semey College of Transport, RK, and a major enterprise manufacturing tractors on licence from Belarus and buses in cooperation with the Korean company Daewoo. Again, this agreement concerns apprentices, practice places, subject content and continuing education.

Avtalesignering Semey oktober 2009, Semey College og bedrift for traktor og buss

Semey mandag 19. oktober - ifm avtalesignering Semey College og bedrift traktor/buss

Visit to Complex shipyard

Industry in the region is growing and we had an interesting visit to the shipyard "Complex". The enterprise was facing major challenges but had clear goals for its future development.

Semey oktober 2009 - Skipsverft Complex foto 1

Semey oktober 2009 - Skipsverft Complex foto 2

Agreement between SOTS and the College of Transport, RK

Stavanger Offshore Technical College (SOTS) and the College of Transport, RK, also signed a cooperation agreement based on the general agreement between RKK and the Ministry of Education in Kazakhstan. Øystein Førsvoll signed on behalf of RKK and Direktør A.V. Lui for the College of Transport. The signing ceremony took place at an event organized for the school management team.

Semey oktober 2009 - SOTS og College of transport - avtalesignering 01

Semey oktober 2009 - SOTS og College of transport - avtalesignering 02

Trip with the training ship "Junost" on the river Irtysh.

During our visit we were invited on a trip on the river Irtysh, which plays an important role in the life of the city and region. From the "Complex" shipyard we boarded the training ship "Junost" for a round trip.

Semey oktober 2009 - Båttur 01

Semey oktober 2009 - Båttur 02

Visit to memorial

A visit to the memorial erected in honour of the victims of the nuclear weapon tests conducted in the region up to 1989 was a moving experience.

Semey oktober 2009 - Minnesmerke

College of Communications

We also visited the College of Communications, Kaynar. There we met the management team and were given a briefing on the school’s historical development and the challenges it has had to meet in adapting to the rapid development taking place in the communications sector.

Semey oktober 2009 - College of Communications Kaynar



Semey, formerly known as Semipalatinsk, is a city in north-eastern Kasakhstan, in the province of East Kazakhstan. The city is situated close to the border with Siberia, along the river Irtysh. Nowadays the city is a bustling university town with a population of about 300 000.