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INP: Instituto Nacional de Petroleos

International conference - "INP and the Challenges of the Future" in Sumbe Angola

Konferanse i Sumbe, mars 2010

On 26 March 2010 INP - Instituto Nacional de Petroleos – held a conference in Sumbe on "INP and the Challenges of the future", at which the petroleum industry and the Angolan authorities were strongly represented. A number of vice-ministers were present, together with representatives from various international embassies, oil companies and local administration. RKK presented the Norwegian model of education for the petroleum sector.

RKK deltakere konferanse i Sumbe, mars 2010

Photo, above: Representatives from RKK during the conference in Sumbe – Managing Director Ole Imsland, General Manager of RKK Namibia Carl Williams and Project Leader Carl Andriamparany from the Namibia Office.

Kollasj Sumbe konferanse mars 2010

Strategy meeting in Windhoek about tertiary vocational education at INP, Angola

In the end of February 2010, RKK's Namibia office set up a working seminar at Windhoek at which the main topic concerned the establilshment of tertiary vocational education ("Teknisk Fagskole") at INP in Sumbe, Angola. The seminar was led by Carl Williams and Carl Andriamparany from RKK Namibia. Namibia had participants from the management of INP Sumbe and and the Ministry of Education in Luanda and there were representatives also from RKK Norway.

Windhoek 2010 FEB medium sized

RKK and SOTS have been appointed to head a project initiated by NORAD and INTSOK for a petroleum training centre in Angola. This school is the only one of its kind in the country, educating about 150 students for employment in the oil and gas industry. In 2005 SOTS was involved in a similar project for the same school, helping to train instructors intending to teach subsea subjects at the school.

The aim of the current project is to identify the needs of the four subsea companies FMC, AkerKværner, Vetco and Cameron, which recruit apprentices from the school, and also to make recommendations to the school for new teaching curricula designed to meet these needs.

Angola besøk oktober 2008

In October 2008 project manager Øystein Førsvoll and project coordinator Kenneth Hareide came to see the school and visited the four companies in Luanda, Angola.

The project is two-phase, the first phase being already completed. The project report containing curricular recommendations was submitted and presented to the school by the project manager on 14 December 2008. Phase 2 covers training and implementation of the recommendations in the report. Eva Ljosland heads the project on behalf of INTSOK (Norwegian Oil and Gas Partners www.intsok.no)

RKK and Stavanger Offshore Technical College (SOTS) have been involved since 2004 in the training of subsea instructors at the Instituto Nacional de Petroleos (INP) in Sumbe, Angola. More than 100 students have completed the training programme and in December 2007 a Graduation Day ceremony was held for 30 new successful students, who received their diplomas from Øystein Førsvoll of SOTS. The centre is commissioned by INTSOK to provide these courses and the following companies are involved in the scheme: FMC, AkerKværner, Vetco and Cameron.

Graduation day OF

Graduation day 2


The INP project

The INP courses are designed for the national petroleum institute (INP) and comprise a train-the-trainer programme covering English, IT, Hydraulics, HES, Mechanics, Subsea and a general introduction to oil and gas. Each course module has a duration of 3-5 days. The programme is financed by INTSOK and NORAD. The main purpose is to prepare local workers for employment in the oil and gas sector.