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Statement from the Ministry of Education and Research

Helge Ole Bergesen, former state secretary in the Ministry of Education and Research, now Director of the International Research Institute at the University of Stavanger, made the following statement about RKK in October 2005:

"- For Rogaland’s part we have no hesitation in affirming that the region and its local communities have come a long way in successfully exploiting the educational resources of the local school system, in constructive cooperation with the business sector. Rogaland Training and Education Centre for further and continuing education is a living expression of this."

Helge Ole Bergesen, state secretary in the Ministry of Education and Research, says this in his article in the journal "Rogaland i Utvikling" . He goes on to say:

"- With 32 local resource centres – ranging from Sauda in the north to Egersund in the south, we have created, as far as I can judge, a “win-win” situation that many people, both inside and outside Rogaland, could profitably learn from."

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